Certified Autism Travel Concierge Program
Discover Senzorna's Certified Autism Travel Concierge Program – Your Trusted Guide to Inclusive & Memorable Autism-Friendly Vacations. We've provided a list of six most important services provided by a travel concierge who specializes in autism:

Pre-Trip Assessment

Our travel concierge conducts a thorough assessment to understand the specific needs, preferences, and sensitivities of the individual with autism and their family to help enhance their trip. They also address any existing travel-related concerns..

Visual Cues & Social Stories

Travel concierges create social stories or narratives that explain what to expect during the journey. These stories can help reduce anxiety by providing predictability. They also discuss sensory sensitivities with the individual and their family, and prepares a sensory kit with familiar comfort items.


Travel concierges establish clear and open communication with the individual with autism and their family to gain understanding of their communication style, preferences, and any assistive communication devices they use. They also create communication cards or scripts that the individual can use to communicate their needs and preferences to airport and airline staff.

Practice Routines

If possible, Travel Concierges arrange visits to local airports before the trip. They perform airport walkthrough, pointing out key locations like check-in counters, security, and boarding gates. They also encourage practicing travel routines, such as going through the process of checking in, going through security, and boarding an airplane, if possible.

Packing Guidance

Travel concierges provide packing guidelines, ensuring that essential items, comfort items, and sensory tools are included. They recommend packing a travel bag that’s easily accessible during the journey. They provide travel checklists that cover essential items and tasks, helping the individual and their family stay organized during the trip.

Emergency Plan

Travel Concierges develop emergency plans with contact information for local support or assistance services at client’s destination. They also share this plan with the individual and their family. In addition, they provide additional resources, such as online videos or books about travel experiences from individuals with autism.

Purpose of Our Certified Autism Travel Concierge

At Senzorna, we understand that planning a vacation when you or a loved one is on the autism spectrum can be challenging. The Certified Autism Travel Concierge Program is here to simplify your travel experience and ensure it’s filled with joy, relaxation, and exploration. Our dedicated concierge team consists of experts trained to provide personalized support and guidance throughout your journey.

Senzorna’s Certified Autism Travel Concierge Program is more than just a service; it’s a commitment to making travel accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Begin your adventure with us and unlock the world of inclusive and memorable vacations. Your journey starts here.

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