Great Wolf Lodge Forms Partnership with IBCCES


We are excited to share that Great Wolf Lodge has formed a meaningful partnership with The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES), a global leader in autism and neurodiversity certification. Through this collaboration, IBCCES will assist Great Wolf Lodge in creating sensory guides for each of its resorts and key amenities such as slides, pools, rides, attractions, shows, and activities. These guides are readily available for download and serve as a valuable resource, particularly for guests with sensory sensitivities, helping them plan their resort visit with ease.

In addition to these guides, their collaboration with IBCCES involves comprehensive training materials that span all aspects of our operations. Specifically, they have designed content tailored to water attractions, aimed at better equipping their dedicated ‘Pack Members’ working within the indoor water park. This initiative aligns with Great Wolf Lodge’s aspiration to enhance its resort experience to be even more accommodating to guests with sensory sensitivities, as well as to foster inclusivity for all of our valued guests.

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  1. Sensory Guides
    The partnership between Great Wolf Lodge and IBCCES to develop sensory guides is a remarkable step towards inclusivity and accessibility in the hospitality industry. By offering detailed guides for each attraction, the resort demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that all guests, including those with sensory sensitivities, can fully enjoy their experience. This collaboration not only enhances the planning process for these guests but also sends a powerful message about prioritizing their needs. Kudos to Great Wolf Lodge and IBCCES for their efforts in making hospitality more inclusive and welcoming to everyone. They are also among the select resorts nationwide that have implemented this sensory guide.


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