LATAM Airlines Certifies its Employees with Autism Double-Checked


Recently, LATAM Airlines Group of South America achieved a significant milestone by becoming the first airline in the region to educate its staff in assisting individuals with autism. The airline collaborated with Autism Double-Checked (ADC), a US-based organization dedicated to improving the travel and tourism industry’s approach to caring for individuals with autism spectrum disorder.

Approximately one in 100 children globally have autism spectrum disorder (ASD). People on the autism spectrum often have co-existing conditions, including epilepsy, depression, anxiety, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

LATAM is not alone in this effort; other airlines such as the newly established Breeze Airways and American Airlines have also introduced initiatives targeting children with autism and other disabilities.

The training offered by Autism Double-Checked is structured in three stages. The first stage, “Autism Aware,” equips staff with essential tools for understanding sensitivities. The second stage, “Autism Ready,” provides LATAM’s personnel with role-specific knowledge and training to handle various situations that might arise. The final stage, “Autism Double-Checked,” involves sharing this information so that the autism community can utilize it as a guide to ensure a comfortable flight experience with LATAM.

Through this training, LATAM aims to foster work environments that are inclusive, respectful, and considerate, as highlighted in the airline’s statement.

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  1. Kudos to the Airlines
    It’s truly heartening to see airlines taking proactive steps to recognize and support individuals with autism spectrum disorders. This inclusive approach not only highlights the importance of understanding and catering to diverse needs but also helps create a more welcoming and accommodating travel experience for everyone. Kudos to these airlines for their efforts in making air travel a more accessible and comfortable journey for individuals on the autism spectrum and their families. This kind of initiative sets a positive example for the entire travel industry.


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